Inclusive MobilitySM

The mission of the Inclusive Mobility program is to help design vehicles and services that improve transportation and the quality of life for everyone, especially people with disabilities.

Working toward the future of mobility, together.

Inclusive Mobility is an initiative to directly engage disability groups in the early stages of designing vehicle technologies and mobility services.

Our vision

Democratizing mobility

In an era of rapidly changing technology, there’s an unprecedented opportunity to redesign how we get around. As the people’s car for over 80 years, we are committed to helping build new solutions for people who have limited mobility options.

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VW ID Buzz concept car
American Foundation for the Blind
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
National Association of the Deaf
National Federation of the Blind
We Will Ride Coalition
American Association of People with Disabilities
National Council on Independent Living
United Spinal Association

Our approach

Strength in collaboration

We are working with disability advocacy and community groups to identify and innovate upon mobility challenges individuals with disabilities encounter in their daily lives. In our Inclusive Mobility Design Partner Program we’re learning from this community through continuous engagement and co-sponsored events.

A recent co-sponsored event

Our current challenge

Accessible transportation

Our current focus is on helping design accessible solutions for people with disabilities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one in five people have a disability in the U.S., a large underserved segment of the population.

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Busy pedestrian crosswalk

"Transportation is the key to full participation in society, and for individuals with disabilities today, the options can be limited. Volkswagen is known as the people’s car company, and as the technology allows, we want to design vehicles that are more accessible."

— Scott Keogh, President and CEO
Volkswagen Group of America

About our team

The Inclusive Mobility team is part of the Volkswagen Group of America's Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC) in Silicon Valley. We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers and researchers taking a human-centered approach to designing automated vehicles and services.

Advanced UX studio team

We want to hear from you

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